In recent weeks, we’ve seen teenagers fight climate change (Greta Thunberg), perform on stage at Glastonbury (Alex Mann) and become a millionaire world champion (Kyle Giersdorf) – all because of, or with the help of, technology. From Instagram to YouTube, Fortnite to Yubo, young people are using apps to connect with people and achieve their dreams.

We see the power of the Yubo community every day. Millions of teenagers – often referred to as Generation Z – are using our app to build friendships, share experiences and showcase their talents.

With Gen Z making up around a quarter of the global population, Pew Research Center* describes it as the most racially and ethnically diverse generation we have seen and on track to be the most well-educated generation yet. When it comes to technology, Gen Z is widely regarded as the ‘always on’ generation**:

• 95% of teenagers in the US have a smartphone or access to one

• 45% say they are online almost constantly

• 31% say social media has had a mostly positive impact on their lives, especially when it comes to connecting with friends and family

Yubo is all about making new friends (yep, that’s our strapline!). So, to mark International Day of Friendship (30 July 2019), we asked a group of teenagers in our community: “What does Yubo mean to you and the friendships you have?”.

Making people’s days better

For Melissa, it’s all about meeting fun, supportive people. “Initially I downloaded yubo out of boredom but I’ve made so many new friends from around the world. Yubo is important to me because the friends I’ve made have become an important part of my life. They all make me laugh and provide support during my hard times.”

Milton also likes the positive vibes on Yubo. “My yubo experience is pretty great in all honesty. To me, yubo is important because it is how I met some of my closest friends today. But, all of the people I know and meet on yubo are all supportive and super kind about me and how I spread positivity and make people’s days better!”

Accepting differences

Amir notes how diverse our community is. “Yubo is an amazing place to build a following and to speak to people who are all different and accepting, it’s a safe place for many & it’s fun, we’re really changing lives.”

For Hakim too, Yubo is a great way to meet lots of different people. “[It] brings people from all walks of life closer through one platform.”

Being kind

Close friendships made on Yubo have made a huge difference to Joey. “At the end of the day I have made a ton of new friends. One of them being my best friend on this app and soon to be real-life... She has been through everything with me. My hard times when I’m down or whenever I need motivation. She is honestly the kindest soul ever. The people you can meet on this app can truly become your closest friends.”

And Faith agrees that there is a lot of kindness in our community. “Yubo is very important because I have made so many friends that mean a lot to me and Yubo allows us to communicate whilst letting us still meet more people. The type of friends I made are wonderful. They are kind, caring, and genuine friends and I wouldn’t replace them for theworld.”

Social apps like Yubo are a big part of friendships in 2019 and we love to see our community connecting so well. Not every teenager will hit the headlines like Greta, Alex or Kyle but they’re doing some great stuff online. Supportive, accepting, kind – who wouldn’t want to have friends with these kinds of values?