Gen Z is quite different when compared to the older generation. The computer and technology influence is quite interesting to see here, and you will be quite impressed with how much their language has evolved. What really makes this generation unique is its focus on communication. And as you will see from these 3 expressions we chose, Gen Z is bringing in memes and many other cool notions into the mix.

And I Oop

This is a meme, a reaction video series created by Jasmine Masters where she interrupts the video ranting just to say "And I Oop". This has become viral and it’s used by most Gen Z youngsters as a way to show when they are shocked and interrupting themselves. The origin of this comes in 2015 when  Jasmine Masters created this series and it was quite popular back then. But Jasmine Masters "And I Oop" became a meme only in 2019, when some people on Twitter chose to distribute a video from the series. This meme is popular because it’s simple, different and you can easily adapt it to your day to day life. Most videos of this meme are super short, so it’s easy to see how this became viral in the first place.


Periodt is a purposeful misspelling of Period and that means to stop your own thought. The idea here is that you are placing an emphasis on certain accents and speech patterns. You can use it with “and that’s regarding Periodt” or anything like that. This one has been used since 2009, over the decade this arrived in multiple variations, but it still is a very interesting and quite distinctive expression that a lot of people are using.


Sksksk is an onomatopoeia. You can use it to express things like excitement, shock, amazement and many others. Initially it was a misspelling, since people randomly wanted to write something but they couldn’t because they were excited about an idea. And as you can imagine, Sksksk soon became a meme and a very important part of the Gen Z vocabulary because it’s so different in the first place. We noticed that a lot of people started using Sksksk especially in the Yubo ASMR lives, and it’s widely spread right now in most online communities.

As you can see, Gen Z vocabulary is quite interesting as it has plenty of cool memes and ideas to explore. It’s different for sure, and the fact that you have some great and unique features like this right in front of you is very interesting. That being said, learning the Gen Z speech and patterns like these will take a little bit of time, which is why starting step by step with a few distinctive words is the right way to go. One thing is certain, you can find lots of memes in the Gen Z vocabulary, as you can see above. You will find these used in apps like Yubo for example, where Gen Z youngsters are constantly connecting and talking with one another!